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On what account Realisation Account differs from Revaluation Account?

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There is the following difference between Realisation Account and Revaluation Account

Basis of difference  Revaluation accountRealisation account
Meaning           It records the effect of the revaluation of the revaluation of assets and liabilities.It records the actual realisation of assets and settlement of all liabilities
Time of preparation              It is prepared at the at the time of admission retirement and death of a panther.It is prepared at the time of the dissolution of a firm
Item to be recordedin this accounts only the items that cause the change in the value of change of assets and liabilities are recorded.In this account, all the items all assets and liabilities are recorded.
Number of timesThis may be prepared on a number of occasions during the lifetime of the firmThis is prepared only once at the time of the dissolution of the firm.
Aim or objectiveIts main objective is to make the necessary adjustments liabilities.Its main objective is to determine the net profit /loss on a realisation of assets and settlement of liabilities 

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