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Match the items of Column I with the items of Column II and assign the correct code :

Column IColumn II
(A) Coloured bands(1) Zone refining
(B) Impure metal to volatile complex(2) Fractional distillation
(C) Purification of Ge and Si(3) Mond Process
(D) Purification of mercury(4) Chromatography
(5) Liquation

Code :

(i) A (1) B (2) C (4) D (5)

(ii) A (4) B (3) C (1) D (2)

(iii) A (3) B (4) C (2) D (1)

(iv) A (5) B (4) C (3) D (2)

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(ii) A (4) B (3) C (1) D (2)

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