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Draw a chart showing different sub systems of Accounting information system.

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Accounting Information System (AIS): Accounting Information System (AIS) and its various sub-systems may be implemented through Compterised Accounting System (CAS). Such system of AIS are described below.

1. Cash and Bank subsystem: 

Receipts and payments of cash 

2. Sales and Accounts Receivable sub system: 

Maintaining of sales and Receivables ledgers. 

3. Inventory sub system: 

Purchase and sale of goods, Specifying the price, quantity, and date.

4. Purchase and Accounts Payable Sub system: 

Maintaing of purchase and payable leadgers. 

5. Pav Roll Accounting sub System: 

Payment of salaries and wages. 

6. Fixed Assets Accounting Sub system: 

Purcahses, additions, sale and usage of fixed assets. 

7. Expense Accounting sub system: 

Various types of expenses. 

8. Tax Accounting Sub system: 

Deals with GSTIN, Income Tax, etc. 

9. Final Accounts sub system: 

Preparation of final accounts. 

10. Costing sub system: 

Ascertainment of cost of goods produced.

11. Budget sub system: 

Preparation of budgets. 

12. Management information sub system (MIS): 

Preparation of reports that are vital for management decision making.

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