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Consider a P-V diagram in which the path followed by one mole of perfect gas in a cylindrical container is shown in Fig. 12.9.

(a) Find the work done when the gas is taken from state 1 to state 2.

(b) What is the ratio of temperature T1/T2, if V2 = 2V1?

(c) Given the internal energy for one mole of gas at temperature T is (3/2) RT, find the heat supplied to the gas when it is taken from state 1 to 2, with V2 = 2V1.

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(a) Work done by the gas (Let PV1/2 = A)

(b) Since T = pV/nR = (A/nR)√V

Thus, T2/T1 = √(V2/V1) = √2

(c) Then, the change in internal energy

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