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What do you understand of Einstein's nature from his conversations with his history teacher, his teacher, and the head teacher?

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Albert Einstein was an intelligent student but was against rote learning and especially he hated learning dates and facts of history. He didn't believe in the then prevailing system of education. His nature was a spontaneous one. He found memorizing facts and dates quite useless. Ideas lured him more than facts because of which he  had a heated argument on education with his history teacher. He was so restless and indifferent to the importance of attending school that he didn't mind not attending it at all. From his conversation with the Math teacher, we  come to know that he was a student who actually had some interest in mathematics, that being the only class in which he paid a lot of attention and never wasted his time. He wasn't open and outright in front of his Mathematics teacher. His behavior had turned mild before his teacher which showed his level of respect and obedience for elders. Later, his merit is not recognized by the principal of his school and he is expelled from the school.

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