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Prepare a format of cash flow from operating activities under direct method and indirect method.

(i) Hotel

(ii) Film production house

(iii) Financial enterprise

(iv) Media enterprise

(v) Steel manufacturing unit

(vi) Software business unit

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Operating Activities: As we know that these are the principal revenue producing activities of the enterprise and other activities. Operating activities generally reflect cash generated and/or paid as a result of the firm’s core business functions. Hence, the following will be the operating activities in the above mentioned enterprises respectively 

(i) In Case of a Hotel :Receipts from sale of goods and services to the customer will be operating activity related to revenue generation. And payment of wages and salaries, electricity, food items and other items used in accommodation and stay of customer will be an operating activity related to expenditure. 

(ii) Film Production House: In case of film production house revenue generating operating activity would be its receipts from selling film rights of a film to the distributors and its operating activity related to expenditure would be payment made to the staff member, unit, actors, dctresses, directors, location rent and air fare etc. 

(iii) Financial Enterprise: In case of a financial enterprise like bank the receipts from repayment of loans, interest incomes from investments, etc will be considered as revenue generating operating activity and repayment of loans, recovery expenditure for recover of loans, etc. Salaries of employees will be considered as operating activity related to the expenditure. 

(iv) Media Enterprise: A media enterprise is involved in service industry and its revenue generating operating activity would be receipts from advertisements. And expenditure related operating activity would be payments to staff, reporters, photographers, etc. 

(v) Steel Manufacturing Unit :The main source for revenue for a steel manufacturing unit would be its receipts from sale of steel sheets, steel castings, steel rods, etc. And the expenditure related operating activity would be payment for raw material (iron, coal), salaries to staff, etc. 

(vi) Software Business Unit: A software business unit is basically a service providing unit which get its revenue through receipts from sale of software and renewal of licenses as an operating activity and various payment made by it in the form of salaries to its employees, etc. It is the part of operating activity as expenditure.

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