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Is drama a good medium for conveying a social message? Discuss.

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Drama or theater is a perfect media to deliver social messages to the society. Now that we are in the digital era, we have various kinds of media i.e. print, electronic and cyber. However, in the times when there were no TVs, the only media was theater. Media not just reflects the society but also revolutionises the society. Jean Genet has made it very clear from his plays that the society dwells on images. Hence, what we show, affects the society largely. So, in the Drama or Theater when the characters come alive and equivocally make their point in front of the whole society, they raise questions, very strong and vital issues are highlighted, which otherwise would have remain ignored. People heed to what is displayed and learn and not just relate and get emotional.  

It is believed that in the drama, comedy is best able to mark an effect on the audience. Comedy does not stimulate the audience emotionally; hence, there is no subsequent catharsis. Thus, the alienated audience are able to think rationally rather than getting emotional and are able to infer what the dramatist has been trying to convey. Thus, it opens the audience's mind and they begin to think about what has been suggested or portrayed in the story rather than associating themselves with the characters and reaching a catharsis.

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