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How do Shahid and the writer react to the knowledge that Shahid is going to die?

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“Oh dear! I can't see a thing…I hope this doesn’t mean that I am dying,” The fear of death was very vividly visible in Shahid tone of voice. He got scared when he felt for the first time that he was dying. When his occasional memory lapses became more serious with passage of time, the realization of death drawing nearer became stronger. When he was in a conversation with Amitav Ghosh, he said in a clear ringing voice - “When it happens, I hope you will write something for me.” The writer could think of nothing to say on such a topic. At last, he had to promise, “I’ll do the best I can.” From that day, the writer started keeping a record of all the conversations and meetings he had with Shahid. This record helped him to fulfil his promise.

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