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Fill in the blanks 

(a) ———are forms of complex tissue. 

(b) ———have guard cells. 

(c) Cells of cork contain a chemical called——— 

(d) Husk of coconut is made of ———tissue. 

(e) ———gives flexibility in plants. 

(f) ———and———are both conducting tissues. 

(g) Xylem transports———and———from soil. 

(h) Phloem transport———from———to other parts of the plant.

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(a) Xylem and phloem 

(b) Stomata 

(c) Suberin 

(d) Sclerenchyma 

(e) Collenchyma 

(f) Xylem; phloem 

(g) Water; minerals 

(h) food; leaf

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