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One day in the morning, Ramesh filled up 1/3 bucket of hot water from geyser, to take bath. Remaining 2/3 was to be filled by cold water (at room temperature) to bring mixture to a comfortable temperature. Suddenly Ramesh had to attend to something which would take some times, say 5-10 minutes before he could take bath. Now he had two options: (i) fill the remaining bucket completely by cold water and then attend to the work, (ii) first attend to the work and fill the remaining bucket just before taking bath. Which option do you think would have kept water warmer ? Explain.

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The first option would have kept water warmer because according to Newton’s law of cooling, the rate of loss of heat is directly proportional to the difference of temperature of the body and the surrounding and in the first case the temperature difference is less, so rate of loss of heat will be less.

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