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The ratio between the curved surface area and the total surface area of a right circular cylinder is 1 : 2. Find the volume of the cylinder, if its total surface area is 616 cm2.

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and, total surface area of cylinder = 616 cm2

= h = r

So, 2πr(h + r) = 616

= 2πr(2r) = 616

= 49

= r = \(\sqrt{49}\) = 7 cm

Hence, volume of cylinder = πr2h

\(\cfrac{22}7\times\)49\(\times\)7 = 1078 cm3

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CSA= 2πrh
TSA= 2(πrh+πr2)
by simplifying we'll get h=r......(1)
now 2(πrh+πr2)= 616 
put h=r from 1
we'll get 
solving it will give 
and V=πr2h
putting values will give us
V=1078 cm3

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