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What are High Yielding Variety (HYV) seeds?

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High Yielding Variety of seeds was developed by the Nobel Laureate Dr. Narman Barlauf in Mexico. These seeds are more productive and need regular and adequate irrigation facilities along with greater use of fertilizers and pesticides. In 1966, consequent to the use of HYV seeds, Indian agricultural sector experienced Green Revolution, especially in the crops of rice and wheat. HYV seeds grow faster than the normal seeds and, consequently, crops can be harvested in a much shorter time period. Initially, HYV seeds were used in states like Punjab, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu (as these states had more suitable irrigation facilities) and later on to other states. Consequent to the use of HYV seeds, the production of food grains in 1967-68 increased by 25% (approx).

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