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Which were the mass media in free India? What was the approach of Independent India to the media?

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The first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, exhorted the media to be the watchdogs of democracy. Media were supposed to spread self-reliance and love for the nation. India at the beginning of independence gave stress to development. Media were seen as a means of letting the people know of the government’s development plans. Media were encouraged to fight against the ills of the society like untouchability, child marriage, isolating widows, witchcraft, faith healing and superstitions of all kinds.

Government wanted the media to help people develop rational and scientific thinking and help in the building of an industrialized society. The Films Division of India produced newsreels and documentaries. In every theatre, before the start of the regular film, these newsreels and documentaries were to be exhibited. Thus development plans of the government reached the people.

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