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Distinguish between the following  

(i) Strategic and Minority sale  

(ii) Bilateral and Multi-lateral trade  

(iii) Tariff and Non-tariff barriers.

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 (i)     Strategic Sale             Minority Sale
 (a)Strategic Sale refers to the sale of 51% or more stake of a PSU to the private sector who bids the highest.Minority Sale refers to the sale of less than 49% stake of a PSU to the private sector.
 (b)The ownership of PSU is handed over to the private sectorThe ownership of PSU still remains with the government as it holds 51% of stakes.

 (ii)            Bilateral Trade                  Multilateral Trade
 (a)It is a trade agreement between two countriesIt is a trade agreement among more than two countries.
 (b)This is an agreement that provides equal opportunities to both the countries.This is an agreement that provides equal opportunities to all the member countries in the international market

 (iii)                 Tariff Barriers            Non-Tariff Barriers
 (a)It refers to the tax imposed on the imports by the country to protect its domestic industries.It refers to the restrictions other than taxes,imposed on imports by the country.
 (b)It includes custom duties, export-import dutiesIt includes quotes and licenses.
 (c)It is imposed on the physical units (like per tonne) or on value of the goods imported.It is imposed on the quantity and quality of the goods imported.

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