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Explain the use of <BODY> tag and list any four of its attributes.

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Web page contents are given in the body section. 

Attributes of body tag are:

1. BGCOLOR - Specifies background color for the document Body


2. BACKGROUND - Sets the image as background for the document body

Eg. <BODY BACKGROUND="C\result.jpg">

3. TEXT- Specifies the color of the text content of the page

Eg. <BODYTEXT ="Red">

4. LINK- Specifies colour of the hyperlinks that are not visited by the user 

5. ALINK- Specifies the colour of hyperlinks

6. VLINK- Specifies the color of hyperlinks which are already visited by the viewer.

Eg. <BODY ALINK="Cyan" LINK="Magenta" VLINK="Orange">*

7. Left margin and Right margin- Sets margin from left and top of the document window.

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