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'Information technology plays a very significant role in achieving sustainable development and food security - comment.

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Information technology (IT) plays a very significant role in achieving sustainable development and food security. IT enables to provide and store data related to the past and future conditions providing inputs for policy decision and for adopting various corrective measures. For example, with the help of IT, weather conditions can be forecast. If ,for example, there is a probability of crop failure, then preventive measures can be taken to avoid or mitigate the impact of food insecurity. Information technology facilitates the storage and other information on emerging technologies, weather and soil conditions for growing various crops, etc, which ease the decision making process vis-a-vis production and productivity. Now days, the farmers can consult Kisan Call Centers and various web sites providing valuable information regarding measures to improve farm productivity and quality of farm inputs, seeds, fertilizers and various modern techniques. It acts as a tool for identifying the experts on food security and sustainable development. . IT sector also generates employment opportunities in the backward areas via developing 'info kiosk' (i.e. PC with internet, scanner, etc.) in the rural areas. Thus, it can be said that IT plays a vital role in assuring food security and sustainable development in India.

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