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Give two instances of  

(a) Overuse of environmental resources  

(b) Misuse of environmental resources.

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(a) Overuse of environmental resources  

(i)  Drying up of Rivers:The increasing irrigation and construction of flood storage reservoirs are resulting in the drying up of rivers.  

(ii) Excessive Deforestation: The growing population and their ever growing demand are resulting in large scale deforestation. This leads to soil erosion, making the soil infertile.  

(b) Misuse of environmental resources.  

(i)  Use of Rivers to Discharge the Waste: Water is essential for life. The misuse of water as a resource is responsible for its pollution and contamination. The factors responsible for water pollution are the discharge of domestic sewage, industrial waste, and thermal power plants into the rivers.  

(ii) Use of Wood for Cooking Food: Wood is a non-renewable source of energy. It is obtained from trees. Using wood instead of Eco-friendly alternative fuels for cooking purposes brings about deforestation.

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