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Can a triangle have: 

(i) Two right angles? 

(ii) Two obtuse angles? 

(iii) Two acute angles? 

(iv) All angles more than 60°? 

(v) All angles less than 60°? 

(vi) All angles equal to 60°?

Justify your answer in each case.

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(i) No, 

Two right angles would up to 180o.,So the third angle becomes zero. This is not possible, so a triangle cannot have two right angles. [Since sum of angles in a triangle is 180o ] 

(ii) No, 

A triangle can’t have 2 obtuse angles. Obtuse angle means more than 90o So that the sum of the two sides will exceed 180o which is not possible. As the sum of all three angles of a triangle is 180o . 

(iii) Yes 

A triangle can have 2 acute angle. Acute angle means less the 90o angle 

(iv) No, 

Having angles-more than 60o make that sum more than 18Which is not possible [ The sum of all the internal angles of a triangle is 180o ]

(v) No, 

Having all angles less than 60o will make that sum less than 180o which is not possible. [The sum of all the internal angles of a triangle is 180o

(vi) Yes 

A triangle can have three angles are equal to 60o . Then the sum of three angles equal to the 180Which is possible such triangles are called as equilateral triangle. [ The sum of all the internal angles of a triangle is 180o ]

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