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The magnetic field inside the body forms the basis of obtaining the images of different body parts. This is done using a technique called magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Magnetism has, thus, got important uses in medicine. 

i. Magnetic field in our body is produced by: 

a) Digested food circulation 

b) Muscular action 

c) Weak ion currents that travel along the nerve cells

d) None 

ii. Strength of the magnetic field produced is about .......... of the earth’s magnetic field. 

a) One- thousandth

b) One- millionth 

c) One- billionth 

d) None 

iii. Magnetic field of the body is: 

a) Weak 

b) Moderate 

c) Strong 

d) None 

iv. MRI helps in: 

a) Medical diagnosis 

b) Chemical diagnosis 

c) Physical body parts imaging 

d) Both a and c 

v. Magnetic field is a ......... quantity. 

a) Scalar 

b) Vector 

c) Tensor 

d) None

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(i) (c) 

(ii) (c)

(iii) (a) 

(iv) (d) 

(v) (b)

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