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Chromosomes in the nucleus of the cell contain information for inheritance of features from parents to next generation in the form of DNA molecules. 

i. The DNA in the cell nucleus is the information source for making: 

a) Proteins 

b) Cretin 

c) Lipids 

d) None 

ii. A basic event in reproduction is the creation of a 

a) DNA blueprint 

b) Protein formation 

c) Chromosomal crossing over 

d) None. 

iii. Reproducing cell creates: 

a) One copy of DNA 

b) Two copies of the DNA 

c) Three copies of the DNA 

d) None 

iv. If DNA information is changed, it leads to: 

a) Similar body designs

 b) Altered body designs 

c) Abnormal body designs 

d) None 

v. Variations in DNA copying is essential as it is useful for: 

a) Stability of the species 

b) Survival of the species 

c) Maintenance of body design features 

d) All

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(i) (a) 

(ii) (a) 

(iii) (b) 

(iv) (b) 

(v) (d)

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