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In the following reaction, alcohol is converted to carboxylic acid: 


i. The oxidizing agents in above reaction are: 

a) Alkaline KMnO

b) Acidified K2Cr2O7 

c) AgNO

d) Both a and b. 

ii. Oxidizing agents are the one which 

a) Add oxygen 

b) Add hydrogen 

c) Remove oxygen 

d) None 

iii. IUPAC name of CH3-CH2OH is: 

a) Ethanone 

b) Ethanoic acid 

c) Ethanol 

d) None 

iv. IUPAC name of CH3COOH is: 

a) Propanone 

b) Propanoic acid 

c) Methanol 

d) Ethanoic acid 

v. Ethanol is an important industrial solvent. It is made unfit for drinking by adding poisonous substance to it, like: 

a) Methanol 

b) Mercury chloride 

c) Carboxylic acids 

d) None

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(i) (d) 

(ii) (a) 

(iii) (c) 

(iv) (d) 

(v) (a)

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