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Write a short letter to someone you know about your having learned to do something new.

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Examination Hall New Delhi  

July 1, 20xx Dear Garima,  

I hope this letter finds you in good health and spirits. I've something interesting to share this time. I have learnt skating, this summer. Being able to skate is a wonderful feeling and it fills me with loads of confidence. There is an odd sense of power in knowing that every technique and skill required to master has been learnt. With a little more practice, I would feel my spirits flying high.  Initially, I was very scared of even wearing my skates. But all the bruises, injuries, frustrations and pessimistic ideas that gripped me during some of the initial training sessions now seem nothing in front of what I feel. It gives me immense satisfaction to see myself almost flying in the air. Skating also helps me stay fit. Even my parents are happy to see me investing my time constructively.  Do let me know about your hobby classes. Convey my kind regards to uncle and aunt. Yours affectionately, Nishtha

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