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Two elements X and Y combine in a ratio of 3:8 by mass and the compound ‘Z’ is formed. Z is one of the essential components of photosynthesis to take place. If Z is also one of the greenhouse gases: 

(a) Identify X, Y and Z 

(b) Write the electronic configuration of X and Y. 

(c) Write the atomicity of the molecule Z. 

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(a) ‘X’ and ‘Y’ are C (carbon) and O (oxygen). These combine in ratio of 12:32 i.e., 3:8. ‘Z’ is CO2(carbon dioxide) 

(b) ‘X’ is carbon (atomic number 6) so its electronic configuration is 2, 4. ‘Y’ is oxygen (atomic number 8) so its electronic configuration is 2, 6. 

(c) ‘Z’ is CO2 so it is made up of one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms so it atomicity is 3 (i.e. triatomic molecule).

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