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The man selling rattraps is referred to by many terms such as "peddler, stranger" etc. Pick out all such references to him. What does each of these labels indicate the context or the attitude of the people around him?

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  Labels Contexts
 1 PeddlerAs he peddles or sells
 2 VegabondUsed to describe his nomadic lifestyle
 3  StrangerUsed to refer to the peddler when he was at the crofter's place,possibly to emphasise the fact that the crofter was compassionate to an unknown man 
 4 GuestHe is treated with compassion, especially at the ironmaster's house where he was invited to spend the Christmas
 5 Intruder when the peddler trespasses and enters the iron mill
 6  TrampWhen the paddler asks for lodgings at the iron mill; also when ironmaster, mistaking him for his old regimental comrade plans of helping him drop his tramp ways and begin a new vocation
 7 RagamuffinWhen the ironmaster first notices him wrapped in rags and in the state to utter destitution
 8 Old regimental comradeThe ironmaster mistake him for his old friend when he first meets the peddler at his iron mill
 9 Poor hungry wretchUsed only once when the author mentions the fact that Edla was excited about the prospect of getting a chance to help an unfortunate fellow on Chirstmas 
 10 RatThe peddler calls himself a rat and thanks Elda for helping him escape the rattrap with her kindness and compassion

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