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In a reaction 5.3 g of sodium carbonate reacted with 6 g of ethanoic acid. The products were 2.2 g of carbon dioxide, 0.9g water and 8.2 g of sodium ethanoate. Show that these observations are in agreement with the law of conservation of mass. 

Sodium carbonate + ethanoic acid → sodium ethanoate + carbon dioxide + water

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In a reaction, sodium carbonate reacts with ethanoic acid to produce sodium ethanoate, carbondioxide, and water. 

Sodium        +       Ethanoic → Sodium      +      Carbon    +     Water 

Carbonate             acid             ethanoate         dioxide 

Mass of sodium carbonate = 5.3g (Given) 

Mass of ethanoic acid = 6g (Given) 

Mass of sodium ethanoate = 8.2g (Given) 

Mass of carbon dioxide = 2.2 (Given) 

Mass of water = 0.9g (Given) 

Now, total mass before the reaction = (5.3 + 6)g 

= 11. 3g 

and total mass after the reaction = (8.2 + 2.2 + 0.9)g 

= 11.3g 

Therefore, Total mass before the reaction = Total mass after the reaction 

Hence, the given observations are in agreement with the law of conservation of mass.

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