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‘Women will enjoy the same rights as men … This is the India of my dreams’, Gandhi said. Conduct a group discussion on the topic.

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Today we are going to have a discussion on equal rights for men & women. Neha, you can start.

Neha : Gandhiji has rightly said that women should enjoy the same rights as men. This is still a dream in India after 68 years of independence. Women form 50 % of the population and by denying them their rights we are obstructing the development of the country. Women should have equal rights as men.

Riya : I agree with Neha that women need equal rights and opportunities for growth .Only when women are treated at par with men the country develop. You can see that all the developed nations in the world treat their citizens equally whether they are male or female. It shows that the a country’s progress depends on all its citizens.

John : I would like to disagree with the view. Men and women have not been created the same. So they do not have to be treated equally. Men are physically stronger than women. They can do strenuous work which women cannot do. So as they are more powerful physically they should not be treated the same as women.

Abraham : Though I agree with John that men are physically stronger than women, I do not think that women are inferior to men. God has given different faculties to each person. Women are adept in certain areas like nursing, education, childcare as they are more sensitive. So men and women may be different but they have skills and mental faculties unique to each gender so all people in a country should have equal rights.

Neha : I would fully agree with Abraham. Women should enjoy the same rights as men. This was Gandhiji’s dream and we ought to do whatever we can to realise his dream.

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