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Discuss in pairs 

It is natural for teenagers to have unrealistic dreams. What would you say are the benefits and disadvantages of such fantasizing?

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Teenage is the phase of life which constitutes of major changes in the life of an individual. During this phase, a person learns many things, sets his career goals, and deals with peer pressure and the pressure of adults' expectations. Hence, it is natural for teenagers to fantasize and to have unrealistic dreams.

Advantages: Fantasizing, based on realistic goals or the world around, provides a means to reach higher ambitions and dreams. Aspiring for higher career goals and working hard may ensure successful career prospects. Thus, it instills confidence and a spirit to achieve one's desire. In difficult situations of life, it helps instill positively and optimism. It is a talent in those known as creative.  

Disadvantages: Fantasizing builds a gap between fantasy and reality. The realization of the disparity between one's goals and capabilities may be painful. Non achievement may also lead to disappointment, depression or suicidal tendencies. Moreover, it is a sheer wastage of time for many.

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