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Ratan saw a flash of lightning and after sometime heard the sound of thunder. If the time gap between seeing and hearing is 3 s, then write the following steps in sequence to find the height from the ground where the lightning is produced.
(a) Consider the velocity of sound (v) as `330 ms^(-1)`.
(b) Note the time gap (t) between seeing and hearing.
(c) From the formula, speed `= ("distance")/("time taken")`, height at which lightning was produced = speed of sound `xx` time interval.
(d) Substitute the values in the equation (1) and find the value of the height of the lightning from the ground.
A. b a c d
B. b c a d
C. c b d a
D. d a b c

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Correct Answer - A
From the given data, time gap = 3 s.
We know, `v = 330 ms^(-1)`
Speed `= ("distance")/("time") to (c)`
Neglecting the time taken by the light to reach the ground because velocity of light is very large, that is, `C = 3 xx 10^(8) ms^(-1)`. On substituting the value, the height of the lightning from the ground is equal to `330 xx 3 = 990 m.`

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