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Write down the points to be discussed or questions to be asked, if you were asked to interview that person on a television show.

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Directions: Think of a person whom you admire and consider as your role model. He or she may be one of your teachers, or any famous personality who inspire you. Think of the questions you would like to ask that person, if given an opportunity to interview him or her. The questions should be prepared keeping in mind the profession of the person concerned.

Some of the questions that could be put to him or her during the interview are: 

Why and when did you decide to choose your present field as your prospective career?

What is your idea of stress relief?  

What do you like doing apart from your work?  

What is your favorite holiday destination?

What does success mean to you?  

Where do you wish to see yourself five years down the line?  

What are your future plans?  

If you wish to change one thing on the planet, what would it be?

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