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Since her college days Mehak, loved the thrill of adventure sports. She was an avid reader which helped her to keep track of various new adventure sports taken up all around the world. She had recently read an article on increasing trend towards ‘space tourism and adventurous holidays’. Using her personal experiences and her passion for adventure sports she decided to start a company called ‘YOLO’. For the same purpose she also decided to collect statistics to see how much of these sports were accepted in our country. Identify the ways in which she was able to spot the trend.

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Following are the ways by which she can able to spot the trend: 

(a)Entrepreneurs regularly read the leading publications and websites affecting their business. 

(b)Publications include industry publications, trade association sites, major newspapers, key business magazines, thought leaders and influential bloggers. 

(c)They scan information from a wide variety of sources – from international news on down to niche bloggers focused on specific aspects of their industry. Obviously, there’s a tsunami of information available. They use tech-tools like RSS feeds, e-mail, newsletters or websites and forums to keep on top out of all and get the information they want. They understand quickly which sources are valuable and which should be avoided.

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