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How would you describe the behavior of the Maharaja’s minions towards him? Do you find them truly sincere towards him or are they driven by fear when they obey him? Do we find a similarity in today’s political order?

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Maharaja’s minions were subservient and sycophantic. Most of them were scared of Maharaja and tried to keep him in good humor by obeying his orders. They did not dare to disobey him as his displeasure could mean loss of their jobs or even loss of their lives.

The astrologer was afraid of predicting his death .However Maharaja that asked him to speak without any fear. Dewan who should have advised the king not to kill the tigers did not dare to go against his wishes and aided his marriage to a princess whose father’s kingdom possessed a large number of tigers. Being afraid of losing his job, he presented an old tiger to satisfy the whims of his Maharaja. Likewise , the hunters chose not to inform him of the survival of the 100th tiger and instead killed it themselves fearing that they might lose their jobs. Even the shopkeeper, who sold the king a cheap wooden toy tiger, quoted a higher price lest he should be punished under the rules of emergency.  

So it is evident that the king’s minions were driven by fear rather than by any feelings of sincerity towards their ruler.

Today’s political order is no different. We know too well that many of the people in power are not there because of their ability but because of their influence and power. Moreover, others pander to them for their own vested interests rather than for the good of the country.

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