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Classify the following as chemical or physical changes: 

• cutting of trees, 

• melting of butter in a pan, 

• rusting of almirah, 

• boiling of water to form steam, 

• passing of electric current, through water and the water breaking down into hydrogen and oxygen gases, 

• dissolving common salt in water, 

• making a fruit salad with raw fruits, and 

• burning of paper and wood

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 Cutting of trees → Physical change 

 Melting of butter in a pan → Physical change 

 Rusting of almirah → Chemical change 

 Boiling of water to form steam → Physical change 

 Passing of electric current through water, and water breaking down into hydrogen and oxygen gas → Chemical change 

 Dissolving common salt in water → Physical change 

 Making a fruit salad with raw fruits → Physical change 

 Burning of paper and wood → Chemical change 

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