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It is given that `/_X Y Z=64^@` and XY is produced to point P. Draw a figure from the given information. If ray YQ bisects `/_Z Y P`, find `/_X Y Q` and reflex `/_Q Y P`.

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We can draw the figure as per the given details.
Please refer to the video for figure
. We are given,
`/_XYZ = 64^@`
So,`/_ZYP = 180-64 = 116^@`
As `YQ` bisects `/_ZYP`,
`/_QYP = /_QYZ = 116/2 = 58^@`
reflex`/_QYP = 360-58 = 302^@`
`/_XYQ = /_XYZ+/_QYZ = 64+58 = 122^@`

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