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Write the steps you would use for making tea. Use the words - solution, solvent, solute, dissolve, soluble, insoluble, filtrate and residue.

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Take the solvent, water, in a kettle. Heat it. When the solvent boils, add the solute, milk. Milk and water forms a solution. Then pour some tea leaves over a sieve. Pour slowly hot solution of milk over tea leaves. Colour of tea leaves goes into solution as filtrate. The remaining tea leaves being insoluble remains as residue. Add requisite sugar which dissolves and the tea is ready. 

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First, water is taken as a solvent in a sauce pan. This water (solvent) is allowed to boil. During heating, milk and tea leaves are added to the solvent as solutes. They form a solution. Then, the solution is poured through a strainer. The insoluble part of the solution remains on the strainer as residue. Sugar is added to the filtrate, which dissolves in the filtrate. The resulting solution is the required tea.

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