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The circumference of the base of a cylinder is 88 cm and its height is 60 cm. Find the volume of the cylinder and its curved surface area.

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It is given in the question that, 

Circumference of the base of the cylinder = 88cm 

Height of the cylinder = 60cm 


Curved surface area = Circumference× height 

= 88 × 60 

= 5280 cm2 


The circumference of the base = \(2\pi r=88\) cm


The radius of the base(r) = \(\frac{88}{2\pi}\)


= 14cm 


We can find the volume as follows: 

Volume of the cylinder = \(\pi r^2h\)


= 22 × 2 × 14 × 60 

= 36960cm3

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