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During an experiment the students were asked to prepare a 10% (Mass/Mass) solution of sugar in water. Ramesh dissolved 10g of sugar in 100g of water while Sarika prepared it by dissolving 10g of sugar in water to make 100g of the solution. 

(a) Are the two solutions of the same concentration 

(b) Compare the mass % of the two solutions.

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(a) No. 

Mass % = Mass of solute  Mass of solute + Mass of solvent ×100

(b) Solution made by Ramesh 

Mass % = 10/ 100 +10 x 100 = 10 /110 x100 = 9.09% 

Solution made by Sarika 

Mass %  = 10 /100 ×100 = 10% 

The solution prepared by Sarika has a higher mass % than that prepared by Ramesh.

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