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Comment on the following statements: 

(a) Evaporation produces cooling. 

(b) Rate of evaporation of an aqueous solution decreases with increase in humidity. 

(c) Sponge though compressible is a solid.

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(a) Evaporation produces cooling as the particles at the surface of the liquid gain energy from the surroundings and change into vapour thereby producing a cooling effect. 

(b) Air around us cannot hold more than a definite amount of water vapour at a given temperature which is known as humidity. So, if the air is already rich in water vapour, it will not take up more water therefore, rate of evaporation of water will decrease. 

(c) A sponge has minute holes in which air is trapped. Also the material is not rigid. When we press it, the air is expelled out and we are able to compress it.

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