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What are the difficulties people face in a non-democratic country? 

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People face various difficulties in a non-democratic country as we have seen in case of Chile, Myanmar, Ghana, Pakistan, Poland, Nepal etc. 

In non-democratic countries, the people have no security of life. For example, in Chile thousands of people were killed by military rulers. 

People are not free to express their opinions. Criticizing the government or rulers in a nondemocratic country would lead to severe punishments. 

There is no freedom for the people either to elect their government or to be elected. Even if they find any government or ruler not to their benefit or well-being, they cannot change it since there is no election. 

In non-democratic countries no opposition parties or opposition leader is tolerated. As we have seen in Poland during the regime of a non-democratic government, the workers are not allowed to form their independent Trade Unions. Only such unions can survive which rightly or wrongly support the policies of the government. 

In absence of a democratic government there is no socio-economic equality. Societies in such countries remain divided among privileged and non-privileged classes which result in corruption in every department of the government. Ordinary people cannot aspire for any post. People are always at the mercy of the autocratic ruler or the dictator.

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