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Surekha is an officer-in-charge of ensuring free and fair elections in an assembly constituency in a state. Describe what she should focus on for each of the following stages of election: 

a. Election campaign 

b. Polling day 

c. Counting day

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a. Election campaign – During election campaign, the different political parties hold their meetings, take out their rallies, distribute their manifestos, display their posters and do doorto-door canvassing. Surekha as an officer-in-charge should see that the meetings are held within the stipulated time, there are no clashes during the rallies, no party is violating code of conducts for elections such as, wall-postering, character assassination of the opponents etc.

b. Polling day – On the polling day, the voters go to their nearest polling booths to cast their votes. On this day she has to see that: 

 The polling is done in a peaceful atmosphere. 

 No bogus voter casts the vote. 

 There is police arrangement in every booth. 

 No unsocial element enters any booth. 

 There is no booth capturing or rigging. 

 The ballot boxes or electronic machines reach counting center safely. 

c. Counting day – On the counting day the agents of almost every candidate take their seats inside the counting center. Surekha as an officer-in-charge has to take care of the following: 

 There is a proper seating arrangement for the agents of different candidates. 

 Proper police arrangement is there to ward off any undue incident. 

 Counting of votes is carried peacefully without any outside interference and to the full satisfaction of all the candidates. 

 Rejoicing should be peaceful and un-provocative.

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