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2 blocks of 'm' are connected to a spring at rest at opposite ends. A pulling force of F on one of the blocks is away from the other one.

A. Position of COM after time 't'

B. Displacement of blocks at time 't'

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Extension of string= Xo

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Suppose the displacement of the first block is x1 ànd that of second is x2, then

X=(mx1+mx2)/2m or Ft²/4m=(x1+x2)/2

So x1+x2=Ft²/2m......(1)

And, the extension of the spring is x1-x2=x0........(2)

From 1 and 2

X1=1/2[(Ft²/2m)+x0] and - for x2

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(B)The acceleration of the centre of mass is 


The displacement of the centre of the mass at time t will be


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