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Explain what role women had in Nazi society. Return to Chapter 1 on the French Revolution. Write a paragraph comparing and contrasting the role of women in the two periods. 

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In Nazi Germany women were considered to be different from men. The Nazis did not believe in equal rights for men and women. They felt that equal rights would destroy the society. Young women were told to become good mothers, look after the home and rear pure — blooded Aryan children. Women who deviated from the prescribed code of conduct were severely punished. In direct contrast to the women in Nazi Germany, women in France asserted themselves during the French revolution. Numerous women's clubs were formed. Women demanded equal rights as men. The government introduced laws to improve the lives of women. Education was made compulsory for girls. Unlike Nazi women who were confined to their homes, the French women were given freedom to work and run businesses. The French women also won the right to vote which was denied to their Nazi counterparts.

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