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In what ways did the Nazi state seek to establish total control over its people?

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Adolph Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany in 1933. He passed many laws to gain total control over his people. The Fire Decree was passed on 28th February, 1933. 

 The Decree abolished freedom of speech, press and assembly 

 Concentration Camps were set up and the Communist were sent there. The Enabling Act was passed on 3rd March, 1933 

 All other political parties were banned. 

 Nazi Party took complete control the economy, media, army and judiciary. 

 Hitler became a Dictator 

Special Surveillance and Security forces were formed to control the people. The Police, the Storm Troopers, the Gestapo, the SS, and the Security Service were given extraordinary powers to control and order the society in ways the Nazis wanted. The police forces acquired powers to rule with impunity and soon the Nazi State established total control over its people.

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