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Bring out three differences each between Socialist Parties and the Communist Parties and between Bharatiya Jana Sangh and Swatantra Party.

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Difference between Socialist Parties and Communist Party

Socialist Parties Communist Parties
(1) These parties believed in theideology of democratic socialism (1) This party believed in communism.
(2) Socialist party criticised capitalism and for establishment of socialistic state. (2) Communist party was primarily secular, modern, and also authoritarian. It opposes capitalism.
(3) Socialist party wanted more radical and egalitarian nature of Congress. Believe in nonviolence. (3) Communist party also wanted radical nature of Congress but went through violence to achieve its aims.


Bharatiya Jana Sangh Swatantra Party
(1) It emphasised on the ideology of one country, one culture and one nation. (1) It emphasised on the free economy and less involvement of government in controlling the economy.
(2) This called for a re-unity of Indiaand Pakistan in Akhand Bharat. (2) It was critical to policy of nonalignmentand favoured to have closer relations with the USA.
(3) It was a consistent advocate of India to develop nuclear weapons (3) This party criticised centralised planning nationalisation and one public sector.

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