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State the symptoms and’sources of stress

Sarthaks Test For Class 7-12

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•  Everyone has higher own pattern of stress response. So the warning signs may vary, asmay their intensity.

• Some of us know our pattern of stress response and can understand the depth of the 

• problem by the nature and severity of our own symptoms or changes in behaviour.

• These symptoms of stress can be physical, emotional and behavioural.A wide range of events and conditions can generate stress; among the most important ofthese are major stressful life events such as death of a loved one or personal injury, theannoying frequent hassles of everyday life and traumatic events that affect our lives.

(i) Recent Life Events:

• Changes, both big and small, sudden and gradual affect our life from the moment we areborn.

• We learn to cope with small, everyday changes but major life events can be stressful becausethey disturb our routine and cause trouble.

• If several of these life events that are planned (e.g., moving into a new house) or unpredicted (e.g., break-up of a long-term relationship) occur within a short period of timer we find itdifficult to cope with them and will be more prone to the symptoms of stress.

(ii) Daily Hassles: There are daily hassles from which we have to cope like noisy surroundings, quarrelsome neighbours, electricity and water shortage, traffic jams,and so on. The more stressed people report as a result of daily hassles, the poorer is” the | psychological well-being.

(iii) Traumatic Events:

• These include being involved in a variety of extreme events such as fire, train or road accident, robbery, earthquake, tsunami, etc.

• The effects of these events may occur after some lapse of time and sometimes persist as

symptoms of anxiety, flashbacks, dreams and intrusive thoughts etc.

• Severe trauma can also strain relationships

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