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Discuss the conservation of momentum in each of the following cases : 

(i) a rocket taking off from ground. 

(ii) flying of a jet aeroplane.

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(i) Rocket taking off from the ground: The chemicals inside the rocket burn and produce very high velocity blast of hot gases. These gases pass out through the tail nozzle of the rocket in the downward direction with tremendous speed and the rocket moves up to balance the momentum of the gases. The gases have a very high velocity ang hence a very large momentum. An equal momentum is imparted to the rocket in the opposite direction, so that it goes up with a high velocity. 

(ii) Flying of jet aeroplane: In jet aeroplanes, a large volume of gases produced by the combustion of fuel is allowed to escape through a jet in backward direction. Due to high velocity, the backward rushing gases have a large momentum. They impart an equal and opposite momentum to the jet aeroplane due to which it moves forward with a great speed.

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