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Ramkali required Rs 2500 after 12 weeks to send her daughter to school. She saved Rs100 in first week and increased her weekly savings by Rs 20 every week. Find whether she will be able to send her daughter to school after 12 weeks. What value is generated in the above situation?

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Monkey required for Ramkali for admission of her daughter =Rs. 2500
Her savings in 12 weeks (in Rs.) are 100, 120,140,160,... upto 12 terms, which is an A.P.
Here, a=100, d=120-100=20
`:.` Sum of savings in 12 weeks `=(12)/(2)[2xx100+(12-1)xx20]`
`=Rs. (12xx210)=Rs. 2520`
So, she will be able to send her daughter as the saved more than the required money.
Value : Small savings can fulfil your big dreams.

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