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A survey conducted by an organisation for the cause of illness and death among the women between the ages 15 − 44 (in years) worldwide, found the following figures (in %):

(i) Represent the information given above graphically. 

(ii) Which condition is the major cause of women’s ill health and death worldwide?Try to find out, with the help of your teacher, any two factors which play a major role in the cause in (ii) above being the major cause. 

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 (i) By representing causes on x-axis and family fatality rate on y-axis and choosing an appropriate scale (1 unit = 5% for y axis), the graph of the information given above can be constructed as follows.  

All the rectangle bars are of the same width and have equal spacing between them. 

(ii) Reproductive health condition is the major cause of women’s ill health and death worldwide as 31.8% of women are affected by it. 

(iii) The factors are as follows. 

1. Lack of medical facilities 

2. Lack of correct knowledge of treatment 

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