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The following data on the number of girls (to the nearest ten) per thousand boys in different sections of Indian society is given below.  

(i) Represent the information above by a bar graph. 

(ii)In the classroom discuss what conclusions can be arrived at from the graph.

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(i) By representing section (variable) on x-axis and number of girls per thousand boys on y-axis, the graph of the information given above can be constructed by choosing an appropriate scale (1 unit = 100 girls for y-axis) 

Here, all the rectangle bars are of the same length and have equal spacing in between them. 

(ii) It can be observed that maximum number of girls per thousand boys (i.e., 970) is for ST and minimum number of girls per thousand boys (i.e., 910) is for urban. Also, the number of girls per thousand boys is greater in rural areas than that in urban areas, backward districts than that in non-backward districts, SC and ST than that in non SC/ST. 

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