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What do you mean by Knockout Tournament? Draw the fixtures of 21 teams on knockout basis.

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Knock-out Tournament
Most of the tournaments are organised on the basis of knock-out. In this type of tournament, a team which is once defeated, automatically gets eliminated from the tournament. Only the winning teams continue in the tournament. It means that second opportunity is not given to the defeated team. Opportunities are given to the winning teams or players. For example, if four teams participate in knock-out tournament, the winning team is declared in the following way.
In the 1st round, team A and B as well as team C and D play their matches. If team B and team D become the winners of 1st round, these teams, i.e., B and D get opportunity to play in the 2nd round and team A and team C will be eliminated from the tournament. Finally, the winner of match between team C and team D becomes the winner of the tournament.
Advantages of Knock-out Tournament

  1. The knock-out tournaments are less expensive because the team, which gets defeated, is eliminated from the competition.
  2. The knock-out tournament is helpful in enhancing the standard of sports, because each team tries to present the best performance to avoid the defeat.
  3. Owing to less number of matches, it requires less time to complete the tournament.
  4. Minimum number of officials are required in organising such type of tournaments.

Disadvantages of Knock-out Tournament

  1. There may be many chances of elimination of good teams in 1st or 2nd round. So, good teams may not reach into the final round.
  2. There are maximum chances of weak teams to enter into the final round.
  3. Spectators may not have enough interest in the final match.

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