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Which is the first enzyme to mix with food in the digestive tract ?
A. Pepsin
B. Cellulase
C. Amylase
D. Trypsin

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Correct Answer - c
Digestion process starts from the mouth where salivary glands are present. Salivary glands produces amlyoses .So amylase is the first enzyme to mix with food. The saliva secreted by the salivary glands in mouth contains this enzyme that breaks down starch.
Pepsin is protein digesting enzyme secreted by the gastric glands present in the stomach wall.
The pancreas secretes pancreatic juice in the small intestine . It contains enzymes like trypsin for digestine proteins.
Cellulase is an enzyme complex which breaks down cellulose. Most animals , includng humans (except ruminants) do not produce cellulase and are therefore unable to use most energy contained in plant material.

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